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An undetectable leak in a frozen food refrigeration system is typical of problems being addressed by the producers of a HVAC sealant being introduced to Australia and New Zealand.

The intriguing problem was one of many international success stories related by the Australasian distributor of Super Seal sealant, Go Distribution  whose product is especially formulated to permanently repair leaks up to 300 microns in evaporators, condensers and pipelines that impair plant efficiency and could necessitate overhaul, replacement and interruptions to production or service.

Super Seal is formulated to help save time for users by removing the need for laborious and expensive fault-chasing and repairs to air conditioning and refrigeration systems in factories, farms, food processing plants and retail outlets that depend on them to keep produce fresh.

One of the new challenges began with several leaks in a refrigerant line-set running nearly 30 metres under a concrete deck located at a major supermarket franchise store in North America. Electronic detectors indicated leaks in the under-deck run, but the experienced Illinois HVAC contractor involved suspected the detectors fell victim to harmonic distortion effects from the PVC tube encasing them.

Rather than the cost-prohibitive solution of breaking up the floor and repairing the subterranean lines, it was bypassed with a new overhead line-set.

This initially appeared to have restored the system, an 18-year-old 11-metre Tyler unit that was in good condition, along with two 7.5 hp. reciprocating compressors running on R-404a refrigerant.

But while the new line set appeared to remedy the major leaks, subsequent store follow-ups indicated a small undetectable leak remained elsewhere within the system.

After spending a few unsuccessful hours looking for the leak, the HVAC contractor returned later and spent two days on site with two of his best servicemen armed with electronic detectors, soap bubbles, and other leak detecting gear, to no avail.

It was one of the few times in the HVAC contractor’s 23-year career that he admitted he was stumped. As the leak lingered on, the situation became really personal. HVAC contractor spent several days thinking, rethinking, and thinking again what he could have possibly missed. It got to the point where he had trouble sleeping at night. He became a slave to that system.

Since HVAC contractor guaranteed his original work, additional charges would not be ethical even though the current leak was not related to the leaking line-set replacement and he was losing money daily.

Ultimately he found new hope in a magazine story he read detailing how a Ford engine production plant engineer in Windsor, Ontario, fixed a leaking chiller system with the refrigeration sealant, Super Seal 3 Phase by Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, the company whose products are now being introduced to Australasia.

According to GO distribution, like a lot of old-school technicians, the HVAC contractor was sceptical initially. He took a lot of convincing, but he finally decided to try the sealant when our distributor in his area showed him customers, who had used it successfully to fix central a/c units, walk-in coolers, and home appliances. They had not had any call-back incidents whatsoever.”

HVAC contractor put two 85 gram (3-ounce) cans of Super Seal into the supermarket system.

The patented formula, with a patented vacuum-packed can, is injected into the low pressure side of a system. After purging air out of the included charging hose, the can is pierced to allow refrigerant to enter and mix with the sealant. Turning on the unit draws the sealant into the system where it moves freely with the refrigerant and oil without damage to components.

How it works

When the sealant leaks through an exit hole with escaping refrigerant, it reacts with atmospheric moisture, crystallizes, and then permanently seals the hole. It stays within the system and seals any future holes as they occur.

HVAC contractor breathed a sigh of relief when, soon after injection, the system retained optimum pressures. On subsequent routine maintenance visits to the supermarket, this highly experienced technician continued to be amazed at the perfect pressures the system exhibited.

The HVAC contractor has not added refrigerant after the Super Seal injection, and has since used the sealant on a supermarket walk-in cooler, a restaurant ice machine with an irreparable evaporator plate, and several residential HVAC central a/c systems.

Proven internationally in professional applications ranging from commercial and hospitality, property maintenance to food and automotive manufacturing, Super Seal HVAC refrigerant sealant is available throughout Australasia in three varieties, for systems from 0.7 kW to 5.3 kW; 5.3 kW to 17.6 kW; 17.6 kW plus. (1/10hp to 7hp; 7hp to 23hp; 23hp plus).

According to GO Distribution, the product’s effectiveness on leaks up to 300 microns covers a wide range of leaks that are hard to find and cause major and expensive losses in energy and service calls, not to mention production losses.

Super Seal is effective in applications ranging from, residential, small individual outlets, such as motels or shops, supermarkets, hospitals, right through to equipment used in major industries.

Features of the product include:

  • Suitability for all air conditioning and refrigeration applications
  • Complete kit for one-time use (Super Seal ACR (947KIT) for systems .07 to 5.5kW; Super Seal HVACR (944KIT) for systems 5.3 to 17.6kw and Super Seal 3 Phase (948KIT) for systems above 17.6 kW
  • Compatibility with all oils and refrigerants
  • Blended formula that seals leaks permanently in evaporators, condensers and lines
  • Remains stable within the refrigerant stream
  • Will not interfere with compressor valves, capillary tubes or TX valves
  • Easily installed in minutes.

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