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Preventive Maintenance System from GO Distribution Keeps Vehicle Air Conditioning in Top Drive

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GO Distribution  is introducing a vehicle AC preventive maintenance system designed to keep vehicle air conditioners in peak condition while driving down fuel use and emissions.

Vehicle air conditioners have a significant impact on their owners’ fuel bills and the environment. While consuming more energy than any other auxiliary vehicle equipment, vehicle air conditioners use refrigerants that cause greenhouse gas emission.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) specialist Gary Oborne says that it is ironic that air conditioners used to keep people cool during heat waves are responsible for global warming.

The EPA estimates vehicle air conditioners consume more than 25 billion litres of gasoline every year, emitting over 58 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Mr Oborne says that refrigerant leakage adds the equivalent of over 50 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year.

Mr Oborne’s company, GO Distribution is introducing a preventative maintenance system that can help keep vehicle air conditioning in peak condition and minimise fuel use as well as emissions.

Super Seal Total Auto, the vehicle AC preventative maintenance system is being introduced to the Asia-Pacific, Australasia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East markets.

Designed to prevent expensive overhauls or replacement of air conditioning systems, the automotive AC maintenance system is also available for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration applications (HVAC/R).

Manufactured by Cliplight Manufacturing Company, the vehicle AC preventative maintenance system combines three proven products:

  • DRY R formulation developed to eliminate moisture, which can cause acidity and sludge formation in air conditioning and mobile refrigeration systems
  • Super Seal Pro sealant used throughout Australasia and internationally to permanently repair leaks up to 300 microns in evaporators, condensers and pipelines
  • Ultra violet dyes that mark leaks too large for Super Seal to seal, making them simple to detect with standard UV fluorescing lights

Key benefits according to GO Distribution Managing Director Gary Oborne include moisture elimination, acid formation prevention, micro leaks sealing and leak identification.  

How the system works  

Dry R creates a dry, stable environment that extends the performance and lifespan of both the UV dye and the Super Seal sealant, which can remain active for up to seven years or longer. Dry R removes moisture from the system preventing new acid formation.  

Super Seal Pro is a low viscosity, particle-free liquid formulated to circulate with the oil and refrigerant throughout the system until it encounters a leak. When the sealant leaks out of the exit hole created by the leak, it reacts with moisture in the atmosphere to form a low tensile crystalline structure that provides a permanent seal for leaks up to 300 microns.  

Any leaks that are too large for the sealants to repair are marked by the UV tracer dye for easy detection with a UV fluorescing light.  

Cliplight Manufacturing Co has served the automotive and industrial HVAC/R markets of North America for more than 30 years. Super Seal Total Auto is a result of five years of product development and in-field testing.

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