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New series LED worklights available from GO Distribution

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Rugged portable LED worklights designed to provide 10 years or more of optimum clarity and safety around campsites, caravans and recreational vehicles are being introduced to Australasia by GO Distribution.

The new Hemipro high power worklights incorporate high power LEDs of a type originally designed to provide maximum safety and clarity standards for demanding tasks in the automotive and industrial maintenance market.

Using either two or three high power LEDs, the Hemipro 2 LED and 3 LED worklights provide powerful beams which, respectively, equal or exceed the light area intensity of a 60W or 75W beam, says GO Distribution Director Gary Oborne.

The highly modified lens design captures and transfers the powerful LED light into a super-wide 70° beam, while also eliminating hot spots, dull areas or irritating halo rings.

“This makes them brilliant for use around vehicles, awnings, barbecues and the myriad tasks around a campsite at night. Whether you are a parent caring for young campers, or a mature age camper wanting clear light, these are some of the best lights you will get”.

Designed to provide high performance for 10 years or more of normal use, Hemipro incorporates features to help ensure its longevity including:

Tough polycarbonate patent-pending Lumiguard lens shield: This protects the lens and can be easily and quickly replaced if it gets scratched, cracked or tarnished. Rather than throwing away the entire work light, users can simply replace the Lumiguard in less than two minutes.

Similarly, the super strong NiMH 2500 milliAmp hour battery in the 2 LED and 3 LED cordless models are rechargeable and replaceable.

However, replacement will not happen too often, says GO Distribution, because as the battery has a life expectancy of three years under normal use.

The 2 LED can be used up to five hours between charges. The 3 LED is good for three hours between charges. Even the 360° swivel hook can be replaced.

Designed by the international Cliplight Manufacturing Company, which is now in its fourth decade of producing top quality worklights, Hemipro complements an innovative range of HVAC products available from GO Distribution including Super Seal sealants that help remove the need for expensive fault-chasing and repairs to commercial, industrial and automotive air conditioning and refrigeration systems, including car, motor home and caravan systems.

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