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HEMITECH 4 LED worklights available from GO Distribution

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A rugged mains-fed vehicle servicing worklight that combines the safety of nine volt power with the clarity of a super-wide 70-degree LED beam has been released in Australia by GO Distribution .

The HEMITECH 4 LED light, part of a new series of HEMITECH worklights and cord reels, features a hemispherical lens to deliver a beam equivalent to a 100w incandescent bulb, but with no hot spots or halos in its clear white light.

Designed to provide 10 years or more of optimum clarity and safety in maintenance tasks, the light is one of the advanced designs from the internationally respected Cliplight Manufacturing, known globally for their ‘See Better, Work Better’ market signature.

Cliplight’s products, including their rechargeable HEMIPRO high power lights, are already in widespread use throughout Australia. According to the GO Distribution Managing Director Gary Oborne, the new HEMITECH additions expand the range’s safety and versatility.

One of the safety features is that the HEMITECH unit plugs into mains power with a switch mode converter that takes the power down to nine volts, so there are no electrical safety issues with cables lying across workshop benches or floors. This gives safety and economy of operation.

The features of HEMITECH include:

  • Availability with either 7.6 metre cord or with 12-metre retractable cord reel, quality constructed in stainless steel for ongoing durability
  • Sliding hooks and optional magnet attachments to allow highly flexible positioning in engine compartment or work area
  • Easy-to-replace lens shield, which protects lens and LEDS, and replaces in minutes
  • Tough, quality construction throughout to withstand daily service in busy workshops and harsh maintenance environments
  • Non-slip grip and recessed on/off switch

HEMITECH and HEMIPRO worklights complement an innovative range of AUTOMOTIVE & HVAC products from the international Cliplight Manufacturing Company. These include Super Seal sealants that help remove the need for expensive fault-chasing and repairs to commercial, industrial and automotive air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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