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GO Distribution offers HEMIPRO LED Beam Worklights for the Road, Boat, Farm or Mine

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article image Merv Doig with his HEMIPRO LED beam worklight

HEMIPRO LED beam worklights available from GO Distribution are an innovative range of cordless rechargeable high power LED lights designed to meet professional and personal illumination demands.  

West Australian miner, farmer and recreational adventurer Merv Doig has become one of the latest international converts to the tough and bright LED worklights designed to enhance the safety of users in various rugged environments.  

Mr Doig’s cattle and grain property is located at Yallingup in the Margaret River district of south-west Australia.  

He says the rechargeable HEMIPRO high power worklight has been used in applications ranging from workshop maintenance, checking cattle at night and fishing for marron in dams to providing worksite as well as campsite safety and clarity on demand, functioning flawlessly in every situation.  

HEMIPRO LED beam worklights are designed to provide 50,000 hours of outstanding halo-free LED illumination.  

He adds that the high power LED work lights are convenient and easy to use with no worries about running out of batteries or bulbs. He also uses the worklight when travelling in connection with his mining and prospecting interests, which extend from Australasia to South-East Asia as well as on recreational driving and 4WD excursions.  

Key features of HEMIPRO LED worklights: 

  • Incorporate high power LEDs
  • Light but rugged casing originally designed for the workplace rigours and illumination demands of the professional automotive repair market
  • Excellent clarity and reliability
  • Designed to provide 10 years or more of optimum clarity performance
  • Suitable for use in a broad range of environments including industrial, construction, energy, engineering, water, wastewater and safety tasks around machinery and critical industrial plant  
  • Incorporate a super strong NiMH 2500 milliAmp hour battery with a life expectancy of three years under normal use
  • Non-slip grip and shockproof housing
  • Replaceable battery, lens shield and 360º swivel hook
  • 2 LED worklights can be used up to five hours between charges
  • 3 LED worklights are good for three hours between charges

Distributor Gary Oborne of GO Distribution says the HEMIPRO 2 LED and 3 LED worklights using two or three high power LEDS respectively provide powerful beams, which equal or exceed the light area intensity of a 60W or 75W beam.  

The high power worklights feature a uniquely engineered hemispherical lens design, which refracts the LEDs into an exceptionally clean, bright and wide beam while also eliminating hot spots, dull areas or irritating halo rings.  

Mr Doig has been using HEMIPRO worklights for over a year in farm sheds and site sheds, on the road, in mine shafts and boats as well as during camping.  

Designed by the international Cliplight Manufacturing Company, HEMIPRO worklights are available from GO Distribution throughout Australasia, Asia and the Middle East.

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