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GO Distribution introduces Cliplight Manufacturing Company’s Super Seal sealant

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Like a good doctor, international HVAC and refrigeration specialist Paul Appler urges good service technicians to do all the right checks to diagnose problems before they contemplate further interventions involving chemicals or mechanical surgery.


Only when service staff have completed the best practice procedures – visual and electronic checks, UV dyes and minimal invasive procedures – should they move on to further treatments, says Mr Appler, who has introduced worldwide a unique sealant to help remove the need for expensive fault-chasing and repairs to commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Super Seal sealant - made by the international Cliplight Manufacturing Company and introduced to Australia by GO Distribution - is formulated to permanently repair leaks in evaporators, condensers and pipelines that impair plant efficiency and could necessitate overhaul, replacement and interruptions to production or service.


Just as blood coursing through a body coagulates at a wound, the refrigerant carrying the solution formulated by Mr Appler exits into ambient air through system leaks, where it forms micro droplets of water that react with Super Seal to form a low tensile crystalline barrier that prevents further losses.


Proven internationally in professional applications ranging from commercial and hospitality property maintenance to food and automotive manufacturing, Super Seal is available in three varieties, for systems from 0.7 kW to 5.3 kW; 5.3 kW to 17.6 kW; 17.6 kW plus. (1/10hp to 7hp; 7hp to 23hp; 23hp plus).


GO Distribution Managing Director Gary Oborne says the permanent seal formed by Super Seal is effective for single or multiple leaks up to a maximum size of 300 microns, which covers a very wide range of leaks that are very hard to find and cause major and expensive losses in energy and service calls, not to mention production losses.


Super Seal is effective in applications ranging from, residential, small individual outlets – such as motels or shops, supermarkets, hospitals – right through to equipment used in major industries. Features of the product include:


Suitability for all air conditioning and refrigeration applications

Complete kit for one-time use

Compatibility with all oils and refrigerants

Blended formula that seals leaks permanently in evaporators, condensers and lines

Remains stable within the refrigerant stream

Will not interfere with compressor valves, capillary tubes or TX valves

Easily installed in minutes.

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