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Dairy Queen Chills Repair Costs with HVAC/R Sealants from GO Distribution

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Small doses of a new HVAC and refrigeration sealant supplied by GO Distribution are toting up big savings for food service companies and their landlords who no longer have to dump defective equipment.  

Super Seal refrigeration and HVAC sealants, now being introduced to Australasia by GO Distribution are especially formulated to permanently repair leaks in evaporators, condensers and pipelines that impair plant efficiency in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Defective refrigeration equipment can necessitate overhaul, replacement and interruptions to production or service.  

One convert to the technology is veteran HVAC and refrigeration service technician Mr Mark Upshaw, who estimates he single-handedly revitalised more than $US 40,000 worth of refrigerant-leaking food service and HVAC equipment over a year as a maintenance technician for Gila Enterprises, Alpine, Texas, a real estate investment and management company.  

Mr Upshaw, who started with Gila in 1988 after running his own HVAC/R service company in Arizona, estimates he could have saved his company an additional $100,000 in equipment if refrigerant sealants such as Super Seal were available earlier.  

One of his greatest success stories is a soft-serve ice cream machine at a 26-year-old Dairy Queen plant in Marfa, Texas that Gila operates as part of the huge international Dairy Queen chain.  

Mr Upshaw’s electronic leak detecting system didn’t identify a visible leak but he knew it was inaccessible and most likely located in the water-cooled condenser.  

Since the 15-year-old one-ton unit was leaking and also needed an eventual refrigerant retrofit from R-12 to an environmentally-friendly HFC refrigerant, the manufacturer recommended replacing the $30,000 unit.  

Instead, Upshaw recovered the remaining R-12 refrigerant, changed the Schraeder valves and caps, and added an 85g can of Super Seal refrigerant sealant while retrofitting the system with Hot Shot R-414b refrigerant by Icor International.  

The Super Seal sealant is specially formulated for HVAC/R systems under five tons and is vastly different from automotive refrigeration sealants. The total cost amounted to roughly one per cent of the proposed equipment replacement cost.      

The HVAC refrigerant sealant has been successfully applied in commercial and hospitality property maintenance as well as food and automotive manufacturing equipment.   The HVAC refrigerant sealant is available throughout Australasia in three varieties for systems from 0.07 kW to 5.3 kW, 5.3 kW to 17.6 kW and 17.6 kW plus.  

Super Seal: How it works  

Super Seal, manufactured by Cliplight Manufacturing of Toronto, Canada works by sealing refrigerant leaks from the inside out, reacting with the moisture in ambient air after being carried in solution with oil and refrigerant to the point where the leaks exits.  

When the refrigerant carrying the solution exits into ambient air through the leak, it forms micro droplets of water that react with Super Seal to form a low tensile crystalline barrier that prevents further losses.  

The permanent seal formed is effective for single or multiple leaks up to a maximum size of 300 microns, which covers a very wide range of leaks that are very hard to find but cause major and expensive losses.  

Key features of Super Seal

  • Suitable for all air conditioning and refrigeration applications
  • Complete kit in three options for one-time use: Super Seal ACR 947, Super Seal HVACR 944 and Super Seal 3
  • Compatibility with all oils and refrigerants
  • Blended formula seals leaks permanently in evaporators, condensers and lines
  • Remains stable within the refrigerant stream
  • No interference with compressor valves, capillary tubes or TX valves
  • Easily installed in minutes

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