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DRY R moisture eliminators from GO Distribution

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DRY R from GO Distribution is a fast-acting moisture eliminator that chemically breaks down the H2O molecule to remove moisture, dissolve blockages, and free up metering devices.

Suitable for all systems up to 5 tons or 17kW, DRY R moisture eliminator removes 60 drops of water without using methanol or alcohol to mask moisture.

DRY R conditions and stabilises oil by lowering overall moisture parts per million without forming any particulate, gels or polymers.

DRY R is suitable for reducing the harmful effects of moisture in all refrigerants and oils.

Key features of DRY R moisture eliminators:

  • Eliminates moisture
  • Prevents waxing and acid formation
  • Dissolves blockages and frees up TEVs
  • Compatible with all oils and refrigerants
  • Hose included

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