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Cliplight electronic leak detectors available from GO Distribution

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GO Distribution presents Cliplight electronic leak detectors that are compliant with J2791 and EN 14624 requirements.

Vehicles are currently designed with smaller a/c refrigerant charges and tighter seals, creating a need for an improved class of electronic refrigerant leak detectors capable of finding very small leaks.

While leak detectors that comply with J2791 can identify smaller refrigerant leaks when servicing all motor vehicle a/c systems and will deliver stable performance without false-triggering distractions, SAE J2791 has become the standard by which all probe-type leak detectors should be measured.

Cliplight’s Model 580951 electronic leak detectors have been certified to comply with J2791 and EN 14624 by a qualified independent laboratory.

These electronic leak detectors come with several features to offer superior performance, long-term reliability, quick results and assured accuracy. 

Key features of Cliplight Model 580951 electronic leak detectors:

  • Superior sensitivity to HFC refrigerants including R134a and newer refrigerant blends 
  • Detects proposed R134a substitutes such as R152a and HFO1234yf 
  • Solid electrolyte heated sensor technology detects refrigerant gas leaks 
  • Powered by four disposable AA batteries 
  • Draws very little power and allows for about eight hours of continuous use 
  • Long life and stable sensor will not be poisoned by excessive exposure to refrigerant gas or become unstable over time 
  • Guaranteed to perform to design specification for two years 
  • Unique numeric leak size indicator quickly and accurately detects the source and size of a leak 
  • Accurate and useful numerical LED display provides a number from 1 to 9 depending on the size of the leak 
  • LED display is independent of the audio alarm and sensitivity settings 
  • Audio alarm has three levels of sensitivity that changes the intensity of the alarm depending on the size of the leak 
  • Flashing LED alarm light at the probe tip is positioned directly where the technician is looking when leak checking 

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