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Cliplight Super Seal Pro seals refrigerant leaks fast

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article image Cliplight Super Seal Pro seals refrigerant leaks fast

Cliplight SUPER SEAL PRO seals, brought to you by GO Distribution,  leaks fast and is designed for easy and speedy installation by professional technicians. Larger leaks where the refrigerant is totally lost within two weeks may need component replacement. The vacuum packed can contains a moisture-activated formulation that hardens to form a permanent seal at the leak point(s) in condensers, evaporators, accumulators, metal lines and compressor flanges. The formulation also contains conditioners and sealers that penetrate and rejuvenate the o-rings, gaskets, hoses and other rubber/polymer components of the a/c system combined with a drying agent to eliminate moisture in the system. Pressure, heat and the absence of significant moisture inside the air conditioning system prevents the sealant from hardening until it leaks out.

How does Cliplight’s Super Seal Pro Work?

Super Seal Pro is a blended chemical component designed to seal leaks in both the metal and rubber parts of an a/c. Cliplight uses a vacuum packed can and disposable can tapper hose to inject the chemicals into the system. The blended chemicals contain a formulation that is activated by moisture to solidify and plug the leak point. As refrigerant leaks out of the system moisture is created thereby activating the chemical blend that contains additives to penetrate and rejuvenate the polymer parts of an a/c system. The formulation also contains drying agent.

Will Super Seal Pro clog the valve core as I inject the product into my system?

No, when the chemical blend is injected into the system, moisture present at the valvecore (from exposure to the atmosphere) is removed by the drying agent.

Will Super Seal Pro harm my system components?

No, during the injection process drying agents in the chemical blend prevent any sealing activity while in the system.

What happens to Super Seal Pro while it is in the system?

The chemical formulation remains in the liquid state inside the a/c until it detects moisture at a leak point and self-seals. It does not affect the lubrication ability of the system oil in any way.

What size hole will Super Seal Pro repair?

If the system is leaking slowly and holds a partial charge for at least two weeks, Super Seal Pro will seal the leak. It will also seal most medium sized leaks, where refrigerant is lost in less than two weeks. However, if the hole is large and the refrigerant charge is lost within 24 hours, the system will need manual repair.

What if I have more than one hole in my air conditioning system?

There is enough Super Seal Pro in a single application to seal multiple holes in both the metal and polymer parts of the air conditioning system.

How long will Super Seal Pro remain in my system?

Super Seal Pro™ forms a permanent repair when it comes into contact with moisture. If there are no leaks in the system, and therefore no moisture, Super Seal Pro will remain in liquid lubricant in the system ready to seal any new leaks.

What happens if a line bursts on a system containing Super Seal Pro?

Along with refrigerant and lube oil, the Super Seal Pro material is blown out of the

What happens to Super Seal Pro if I need to recycle my refrigerant?

Super Seal Pro will be removed from the a/c system with the refrigerant, and then will be separated from the refrigerant with the reclaimed oil. Under these circumstances it becomes benign and cannot react.

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