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Businesses need not sweat dollars when using Super Seal Total from Go Distribution

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Small leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning systems are costing businesses throughout Australasia big money as global warming pushes up summer temperatures and puts increasing loads on cooling systems.

Companies are spending increasing amounts of money on energy costs as refrigeration and air conditioning systems are trying to cope with higher global temperatures and reduced efficiencies due to microscopic leaks in evaporators, condensers and pipelines.

These irritating leaks of up to 300 microns are undetectable to the eye and by conventional leak detection methods and bleed money through energy wastage as compressors work harder to try and maintain temperatures.

“The waste grows every year as rising heat puts increased demand on faulty HVAC and refrigeration systems,” says HVAC/R specialist Gary Oborne of GO Distribution . The tiny leaks also contribute to global warming by releasing increasing amounts of refrigerant into the atmosphere, exposing the system’s owners to severe penalties as governments demand higher environmental standards.

An alternative to continuous servicing and searching for leaks is the latest product from GO Distribution, Super Seal Total. Formulated to conserve cash in challenging economic times, the product consists of three major components, targeting specific leakage issues:

  • The original Super Seal sealant formulation used in applications ranging from factories to food processing plants and shops and offices. Refrigerant containing Super Seal reacts with moisture in the atmosphere as it escapes through leaks, forming a permanent low tensile crystalline structure which seals the hole from the inside out.
  • Cliplight’s new DRY R formulation developed to rid an age-old issue of moisture/ acid and the formation of sludge. DRY R chemically removes water from the system and improves drier efficiency.
  • An ultra-violet tracer dye that marks any leaks that are too large for Super Seal to seal, making them simple to detect with standard UV fluorescing lights.
“Increasingly Super Seal Total is being used not only as a cure, but also as a three-in-one preventative incorporated into maintenance programmes to safeguard against energy cost and pollution penalties - and also ultimately against the cost of replacing entire systems,” says Mr Oborne.

“As we all experience the tighter economic situation, cost savings on refrigeration maintenance will become even more important. So also will savings on compliance with environmental and energy efficiency standards, which can only rise as global warming affects the actions and responsibilities of every business.”

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