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Electronic equipment manufactured by GNS Associates

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GNS Associates , started in 1997, specialises in designing and manufacturing of electronic equipment which have various industrial applications. Different types of products available include products for testing and measurement, remote monitoring, general industrial products, dot matrix display and ELSIE which is a level crossing protection system.

Products for testing and measurement designed by GNS Associates includes RMS precision kilovoltmeter, multi function stroboscope, resistors. RMS precision kilovoltmeter can measure voltage upto 12kV. This product is portable and is battery powered. True RMS kilovoltmeter is used in the testing of high voltage electrical apparatus. Stroboscope consists of a bright white LED head with an embedded microcontroller.

Remote monitoring systems like REMKA is suitable for various industrial applications including short term monitoring of electrical instruments. Video inspection systems contain a combination of video microscopes and inspection systems. Dot matrix display is a handy microcontroller based system which runs from main supply or batteries. It can be used in emergency signs, off road traffic mangement.

ELSIE is a level crossing protection system which indicates the approach of a train. It is placed at crossings having low medium traffic volumes. ELSIE can be installed and maintained at low costs. It is highly flexible and reliable.

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