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Oil water treatment from GLP Plant

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GLP Plant  offers designing services, process equipment, process plant and other specialised process internals. GLP Plant has offered services to various companies catering for diverse sectors like petrochemical, gas treating, gas generation, mining, power, construction industries, engineering industries, water and air treatment industries.

GLP Plant offers a wide range of products related to process plant which include gas scrubbers, filter separators and filters. There are products for gas sweetening systems through amine and molecular sieve, gas dehydration systems with glycol, desiccant and molecular sieve, LPG recovery, dehydration and fractionation, two and three phase separators also available from GLP Plant. There are services like oily water treatment, fuel gas conditioning, hydrogen generation, purification, compression, crude oil dehydrators, electrostatic treaters and desalters also offered by GLP Plant. Fluid bed driers hydrogen generation, purification and compression, oil and condensate coalescers, injection heating, steam ejectors, sump pumps, graphite heat exchangers, ejectors, pumps and static mixers and agitators also form a part of the products provided by GLP Plant.

GLP Plant undertakes a diverse range of separation processes using various technologies. Oily water treatment (hydrocyclones), low temperature separation (LTS), contact deaeration, vacuum deaeration, produced water treatment, liquid filters and coalescers, conventional two and three phase production and test separators.

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