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Gas dehydration systems from GLP Plant

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GLP Plant  offers innovative gas cleaning systems. GLP Plant uses various technologies in the manufacture of gas cleaning systems. These technologies include gas scrubbing, gas polishing and gas filtration systems. Gas scrubbing uses advanced extraction process, gas polishing uses absorbents to eliminate stubborn pollutants and gas filtration operates by pushing gas through emissions filtrations. These gas scrubbers are designed to comply with strict emission standards. GLP Plant offers gas dehydration system using glycol and molecular sieve. Gas dehydration is a process by which absorption is carried out using glycol to remove the moisture from natural gas. Glycol is an economic choice for dehydrating nearly all gases with less maintenance.

Gas dehydration using molecular sieve adsorbents is another method from GLP Plant for removing the moisture from natural gas. Molecular sieve adsorbents are basically crystalline alumino-silicates which facilitates the removal of moisture by water of crystallization. The porous crystalline structure left after water of crystallization reabsorbs the water molecules.

Molecular sieve adsorbents also separate gases and liquids by molecular size. The cage openings or pore sizes are almost similar for many molecules. GLP Plant has wide experience in conceptual design, fabrication and installation of molecular sieve plants.

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