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Submerging sump pumps from GLP Engineering

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GLP Engineering  has more than two decades of experience in designing, engineering and fabricating vessels internals which are used for many applications. GLP Engineering is specialised in the design and manufacture of mass transfer equipment, vacuum equipment, support media and catalysts.

Various vessel internals designed and manufactured by GLP Engineering include support media, fluid bed driers, sump pumps, injection heating, static mixers, agitators, trays, packing, graphite, carbon products, liquid distributors, plates, bed limiters, mist eliminators, steam ejectors, etc.

GLP Engineering offers steam motivated submerged sump pumps which are used to transfer liquids and empty tanks and sumps usually. These sump pumps are ideal for corrosive liquids and for liquids that coagulate on standing. Sump pumps are submerged deep into the tank with a steam value to discharge the liquids rapidly. GLP Engineering offers graphite and carbon product that supplies shell and tube heat exchangers.

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