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Mass transfer equipment and vacuum equipment from GLP Engineering

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GLP Engineering  is specialised in designing, fabricating and engineering a wide range of vessel internals for use in different processes and applications. GLP Engineering offers mass transfer equipment, vacuum equipment, catalysts and support media.

Mass transfer equipment from GLP Engineering includes packing like saddles, rings and structures in thermoplastic, ceramic and metal. Trays, valve, bubbles, sieves and tunnel cap splash types with high capacity are offered under mass transfer equipment. Mist elements like chevrons, demister pads, vane packs, coalescers and candle filters, heat exchangers, static mixers in thermoplastic and steel are included in mass transfer equipment.

Vacuum equipment from GLP Engineering is supplied with applied vacuum, fabricates, designs and steam ejectors systems. Steam ejectors systems are used for both high and low vacuum. Steam ejectors also has the following uses which include flash cooling, steam desuperheating, pumps liquid educators and injection heating.

GLP Engineering offers catalysts in conjunction with Sud Chemie. Sud Chemie is a sales and marketing office which has been established in GLP with a large storage capacity. A wide range of catalysts, absorbents for oil refining, Syn gas, water treatment, environmental, food, chemical and petrochemical industries are also offered by Sud Chemie. Support media like ceramic balls and rings with high alumina media is also offered for use as absorbent, catalyst and molecular sieves support.

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