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Electronic Hand Labellers from GJ Dix and Sons - Dix Engineering

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GJ Dix and Sons - Dix Engineering  offers a new line of electronic hand labellers designed to increase productivity and reduce risk of strain injury, especially in retail environments.  

Produce labelling is an important identification aid with multiple benefits for the grower, retailer and customer. While retailers and consumers can ensure that the product is correctly identified and priced, the label will also help promote quality produce.  

Automatic labelling machines are used in larger packing sheds while hand labellers are preferred in low volume facilities.  

Pure manual hand labellers might be preferred due to the low initial cost. However electronic hand labellers are a more viable option for operations where the high capital outlay associated with purchasing and operation of a fully automated labelling system is not required.    

Electronic hand labellers offer key benefits such as higher productivity in labelling operations as well as reduced risk of fatigue and RSI-type injuries associated with the repetitive squeezing of triggers on manual label applicators.  

Dix electronic hand labellers have an effective payback time of just a few months and also offer a long service life.

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