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GEBEL Aquasafe’s underground rainwater tanks

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article image GEBEL Aquasafe’s underground rainwater tanks

Due to the increasing costs of drinking water and higher demands for products which provide environmental benefits, GEBEL Aquasafe has developed its own rainwater tank system. 

From consultation, installation to commissioning, GEBEL offers a complete rainwater tank package to ensure its clients can reap the savings from harvesting rainwater. 

Key benefits and features of GEBEL’s rainwater tank system includes: 

  • tank is based around a strong filament wound glass that is reinforced with plastic for added strength
  • individual units are available to store from 4000 to 300,000 litres
  • multiple units can be stored next to each other for added quantities
  • rainwater can be collected from roof areas and hardstandings 
  • the tank's stainless steel filter unit separates out leaves and debris
  • water is diverted into a filter chamber to cleanse the water before entering into the storage tank
  • filter chamber can be fitted with three options - gravity filtration, pressure filtration or a combination of both
  • UV disinfection system backs up the filtration system to ensure water is thoroughly cleaned
  • filtered rainwater is softer than main supplied water 
  • underground installation can help keep water cool and minimise the possibility of odours or microbial growth developing
  • extra by-pass separators can be installed to remove fuel and oil residues in areas where vehicles or factories may contaminate rainwater
  • suitable for in variety of areas and purposes

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