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GE Transportation delivers 500th Minecruiser

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article image GE Transportation's Dan Shelly with the 500th Minecruiser

Equipment manufacturer GE Transportation rolled out its 500th Minecruiser today. An Mk7.0 TIER 3 Minecruiser, the latest version of the underground coal mining transporters will go to Centennial Coal.

The Minecruiser provides superior safety and reliability through its advanced explosion-protection system. It is designed to transport 14 coal mining
personnel underground.

The new vehicle uses the latest in low-emissions mechanically injected diesel engine technology with increased power output.

Standard features included a mechanical machine safety and engine shutdown system, heavy duty power train, heavy duty A-frame suspension, ergonomic passenger seating, improved particulate filter life and hydraulically driven alternator.

It also comes with optional features including electronic methane monitoring system, passenger restraint system, fire suspension system, lockable storage compartments, reversing lights, wheel chocks and additional safety circuit interlocks.

The Tier 3 Diesel Engine System is a four-cylinder diesel that is turbo changed while the model is the MWM 4.1OTCA Series 10. Its power capacity is 80kW at 2400rpm while the torque is 360Nm at 1600 rpm.

It comes with a 4.3 litre capacity and the exhaust is a wet bath conditioner with particulate filter. Its axle type is planetary steer at the front and planetary rigid at the back.

The Minecruiser was brought in by Industrea, a company GE Mining acquired in November 2012 for $700 million. The acquisition included equipment manufacturing and servicing operations in Australia and China.

GE Mining will be exhibiting at Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition in Sydney on August 20-23.

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