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THE new Model 25Multi Plus from Panametrics is an advanced ultrasonic precision thickness gauge that makes accurate one-sided measurements on most engineering materials of varying shapes and sizes: plastic, metal, casting, glass, fibreglass, and composites.

A feature is the gauge's ability to calculate and simultaneously display the thickness measurements of various layers in a multilayered part.

Using special stored setups for each layer (such as the sound velocity), the gauge will display up to four individual layers and total thickness of selected layers.

Another feature of the 25Multi Plus is the Barrier Layer Mode. This feature makes it possible to measure very thin barrier layers in mulitlayered plastic parts such as gas fuel tanks and bottle preforms.

This special mode displays the thickness of thin barrier layers that are typically too difficult to measure with conventional ultrasonic thickness gauges because of lack of separation between the echo from the front and back of the barrier layer.

The 25Multi Plus has a wide thickness range: 0.1mm - 500mm with a resolution of up to 0.001mm. The unit has 25 default transducer setups for direct contact, delay line and immersion transducer.

The gauge also offers 35 custom transducer storage locations making it easy for the user to store and recall special transducer setups for almost any thickness measurement applications.

Its LCD screen displays the thickness reading and the corresponding waveform to verify the echo trace or ensure proper transducer alignment

The 25Multi Plus has a file-based, alphanumeric datalogger to store, recall, and transmit thickness readings, waveform images, and gauge setup information via its RS232 serial port.

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