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Glass encapsulated thermistors from GE Sensing

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article image Glass Encapsulated Thermistors

GE Sensing have designed and manufactured glass encapsulated thermistors which are housed in a durable stainless steel probe body, with PTFE lead out wires and a connector assembly. Thermistors use resistance to determine changes in temperatures and are specifically suited to surface environments.

The thermistors have short response times, have high electrical insulation which is guaranteed by non-conductive edges and sides, and small dimensions are available. Installation can occur on printed circuit boards, and large quantity applications of NTC types are available.

Glass encapsulated thermistors are generally used in the automotive industry and in domestic appliances, however their use is very versatile.

A number of specialised versions can be manufactured such as:

  • Narrower IEC tolerance
  • Temperature up to 600 degrees Celsius
  • Longer or shorter connection wires
  • Silver connection leads
  • Connection wires in opposite directions
  • Metallisation of the substrate backing

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