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iPower 5.0 and DNP3 driver available from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms , a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, have announced the availability of iPower 5.0 with their DNP3 driver providing a complete vertical industry solution for electrical transmission and distribution utilities. iPower 5.0 reduces the cost of implementing, supporting and operating a SCADA system and increases operational efficiency by providing a secure, consistent and intuitive interface for operators.

iPower 5.0 delivers a unique value proposition for electrical transmission and distribution SCADA applications by combining the strength of Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX with additional industry specific functionality that is tightly integrated and easy to use. iPower 5.0 was built using the iFIX toolkit and delivers built-in object security, enhanced graphic capability, standard operator interfaces, alarm and event reporting and standard drag and drop electrical utility objects. The iPower option reduces customer development and maintenance costs while delivering an easier to use SCADA system.

DNP is the industry’s standard communication protocol, so the addition of the DNP3 driver offers the ability to communicate with a wide variety of devices, RTUs and substations – rounding out the overall solution. The DNP3 driver is native to iFIX 5.0 and can also be operated independently as a stand-alone OPC server. The DNP3 driver’s key features include DNP level 3 (requests and responses), on-the-fly configuration without requiring a system restart, and sequence of events (level 3).

iPower 5.0 increases engineering and maintenance productivity with its automated configuration tools, rich development environment, RTU Vendor Neutrality, and industry standards communication protocols.

The combination of iPower 5.0 and DNP3 are completely integrated with GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ HMI/SCADA iFIX 5.0, enabling quick integration of iFIX 5.0’s standard features with iPower 5.0 elements to deliver a tailored SCADA solution at a low total cost of ownership.

iPower 5.0 provides a flexible solution that is easier to deploy and support.iPower SCADA with DNP3 makes it easy for small utilities to install and maintain their own SCADA.

Following are the key features that iPower 5.0 adds to iFIX:

  • Menu system for easy navigation
  • Pan, zoom and declutter for uncluttered monitoring and easy navigation
  • Electric SCADA sample system and electric SCADA object libraries to create the ideal look and feel
  • Device dialogs for intuitive, consistent and safe operation
  • Auxiliary screens to avoid information overload
  • Industry Standard safe and secure control
  • Control tagging (locking) for safe operations
  • Events, sequence of events and event history of efficient network management and fault finding
  • Industry specific lists like ‘Disabled Alarms’ and ‘Off Normals’
  • Automated display configuration to reduce the time and cost of SCADA implementation

The automated configuration within iPower 5.0 reduces 20+ steps to one drag and drop. All of the new features are achieved with intuitive tools that are easy for Microsoft Windows users. The software was developed by Catapult Software and is sold and supported by GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms.

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