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Vantage Data Centers Selects GE Intelligent Platforms for State-of-the-Art Building Management

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Vantage Data Centers has chosen high availability mission-critical solutions from GE Intelligent Platforms to enable them to deliver energy-efficient, scalable, data centre solutions to enterprise customers.

Vantage Data Centers is focused on the ownership, development and operation of highly efficient and scalable wholesale data centres.

The company plans to leverage GE Intelligent Platforms’ hardware and software solutions for its 37 MW Santa Clara data centre campus, enabling mission-critical facilities management to provide competitive advantage in reliability and energy savings.

According to Jim Trout, CEO for Vantage Data Centers, GE’s domain expertise in designing and configuring mission-critical facilities management systems was a key decision point for them.

A key objective was to deliver the lowest energy rates in the region, which combined with their scale and flexibility would translate into significant potential cost savings for their customers. 

He adds that the GE Professional Services team collaborated with Vantage to architect a system tailored to meet their requirements for a state-of-the-art infrastructure management solution, giving them a competitive advantage in reliability and energy savings.

Bernie Anger, Vice President of GE Intelligent Platforms’ Control & Communications Systems says that Vantage’s need for an integrated platform that facilitates best-in-class control schemes to maximise energy efficiency and provide high availability is met by GE’s High Availability solutions.

He adds that data centre systems integrated with the GE Proficy software platform can reduce implementation risk and accelerate deployment.   

Key features of GE’s solutions: 

  • Unified architecture can reduce energy and operational costs while increasing reliability and availability
  • GE’s PACSystems RX3i reflective memory data synchronisation and intelligent remote I/O provides the basis for the high availability architecture for:
    • Central plant control
    • Data floor monitoring and control
    • Battery room monitoring
    • Switchgear control
    • UPS monitoring
  • Coupled with Proficy CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA and Proficy Historian, the solution provides a graphical interface to control, manage and optimise data centre performance   
  • Proficy Historian supplies high performance data capture to baseline data centre performance, enabling detailed analysis and dashboarding of key performance metrics such as PUE, energy consumption and overall carbon footprint 
  • Proficy software platform also provides for future enhancements including advanced energy analytics and asset management integrated into one system
Advantages of GE’s High Availability solutions

  • Built on a scalable, synchronised, hot-standby redundancy control platform
  • Uninterrupted control of applications and processes with total transparency
  • Leverages industry-leading technologies to meet the needs for enhanced speed and performance, increased memory, built-in hardware redundancy and ease of use
  • Minimises downtime through robust, dual-quad redundancy capabilities
  • Increases productivity with fast, powerful synchronisation
  • Maintains individual system components without interruption
  • Provides maximum protection of investments

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