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VPXtreme6 single board computers from GE Intelligent Platforms promise improved performance

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article image GE Intelligent Platforms supply new VPXtreme6 single board computers

GE Intelligent Platforms have announced the release of a new addition to their VPXtreme6 family of 6U VPX platform single board computers.

SBC612 rugged 6U OpenVPX single board computers feature an 8-core QorIQ P4080 processor from Freescale Semiconductors, operating up to 1.5MHz and delivering a substantial step forward in performance for applications including ISR, electronic warfare and mission computing.

The eight cores of the QorIQ P4080 processor offer flexibility to the system designer, supporting both symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing architectures, and allowing for the hosting of multiple operating systems on the same device. This flexibility is ideal for re-hosting legacy multi-board applications within a new OpenVPX system architecture.

In addition to offering 8-core performance within the 30 watt power envelope of earlier dual core processors, the QorIQ P4080 offers a number of innovative features including ‘Trust Architecture’, a series of processor technologies that help customers meet their information assurance goals and provide them with additional security functionality.

With an equivalent power envelope to that of previous dual core processors, SBC612 single board computers can permit the addition of new functionality without exceeding the application’s current power envelope. For new applications, the SBC612 enables the development of compact, low weight solutions with significantly more performance than has previously been possible.

The SBC612 will also allow a multi-slot configuration to be reduced to a single slot for legacy applications based on Power Architecture, saving on size and weight.

With four x4 Serial RapidIO links and four x4 PCI Express links, SBC612 single board computers support up to 8GBytes of dual channel DDR3 memory and provide a uniquely flexible I/O set that includes Gigabit Ethernet, fast serial COM ports, USB 2.0, SATA and GPIO.

Further incremental system resource expansion is provided by two mezzanine sites, both of which are XMC/PMC capable, and offer the option of having XMC I/O and/or PMC I/O routed to the VPX backplane connectors.

In addition, an AFIX (Additional Flexible Interface eXtension) site is available for even more plug-on system expansion. The AFIX site not only allows access to the current range of standard AFIX modules (graphics, SCSI, 1553, digital I/O, Flash memory) but also offers the opportunity to add customer-specific features at minimum cost and in the shortest timescales.

Designed specifically for harsh environments, SBC612 single board computers are available in five air and conduction cooled ruggedization levels. They also offer VITA48 formats for two-level maintenance (2LM) requirements.

The SBC612 is fully supported by comprehensive Deployed Test Software (BIT and BCS) with operating system support implemented for VxWorks, and Open Source Linux. Support for other operating systems, including INTEGRITY, is planned.

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