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Serial ATA hard disk drive module

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article image Features a maximum capacity of up to 80GB.

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems has released the PMC-0247 serial ATA hard disk drive module, which is designed for use with GE Fanuc Embedded Systems' single board computers or PMC expansion cards.

The PMC-0247, with its support for universal signalling, can be installed in any available 3.3V or 5.0V PMC site.

It uses a 2.5” hard disk drive and has a maximum capacity of up to 80GB. The hard drives can be either Serial ATA I or Serial ATA II type drives.

"Customers can benefit from the greater speed and easy configuration of this drive by the serial ATA specification," said Commercial Director for GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Lisa East.

"GE Fanuc is committed to offering our users the most leading-edge business solutions based on established industry standards."

Features of the PMC-0247 include:

* Rotating media with 40GB and 80GB capacities

* Support for a programmable External Flash for BIOS expansion

* Supports 32/64-bit, 133MHz maximum PCI-X interface

* Fast read/write performance

* Available in standard operating mode or the continuous operating mode

* Compliant with VITA 39 specification

* Operating system support: Windows 2000, Windows XP and Linux Enterprise 4.0.

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