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QuickStart use cases for proficy workflow process management software systems available from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms , a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, have announced new QuickStart use cases for Proficy Workflow, powered by Proficy SOA, which help companies quickly decrease production costs through lean work processes and management. According to GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, with Proficy Workflow, manufacturers can reduce the variation in performance, cost, quality and brand protection.

As a work process management software system, Proficy Workflow enables power users and domain experts to digitise manual and automated processes with one tool. The Proficy Workflow process management software system captures process, traceability and quality data across systems to reduce errors, waste and delays. Companies can achieve event-based and data-driven results. Built on the Proficy SOA platform, the Proficy Workflow process management software system is third-party extensible and enables composite solutions, enhancing the value of existing MES, HMI and ERP systems. The new QuickStart use cases for the Proficy Workflow process management software system includes

work instructions. Electronic work instructions/SOPs guide operators through step-by-step instructions. This use case ensures production complies with defined processes through validated entry. Users can capture both automated and manual data entry. In addition, they can digitise and enforce compliance with policy manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Through this use case, the Proficy Workflow process management software system can reduce errors and costs of compliance.

The Proficy Workflow process management software system helps production teams find and eliminate waste faster and easier by making sure best practices become standard practices. This use case focuses on electronically and interactively managing work processes and compliance by guiding operators through standard work, ensuring proper completion of all work process steps. Teams can graphically map work processes and existing SOPs. In addition, the software facilitates analysing processes to develop new best practices for continuous improvement and quickly deploying and monitoring them.

Operators can follow the steps to set up a machine or recipe, and companies can verify proper machine set up prior to raw materials usage. Companies can control set up processes irrespective of the level of traditional automation and independent of automation. Teams can record operator input, validated equipment calibrations and batches/lots. The Proficy Workflow process management software system decreases costs of machine changeover and errors, downtime associated with equipment set up, and inventory through less waste. Companies increase efficiency and quality through faster and better production set up, agility for changing production, and sustainability of production processes.

With the Proficy Workflow process management software system, companies can provide new operators with instructionally sound training and the ability to practice production tasks and SOPs before actually operating equipment and using materials. Teams can electronically capture knowledge from workers due to retire and embed the expertise in training materials before attrition affects plants.

By automatically triggering non-conformance workflows, companies can better manage and take steps to prevent and minimise quarantines and recalls. The Proficy Workflow process management software system coordinates the activities of production, quality and management. On the plant floor, the software guides operators through supplemental testing, inspecting, rework and re-dispositioning. Teams can automatically bracket product batches/lots suspected of sharing a quality problem and then manage and track the process of testing and assessing bracketed product for conformance and then releasing, splitting, rejecting or reworking. This use case decreases costs by reducing product waste/scrap, time and costs associated with manual recordkeeping, shipping delays by driving fast resolution, and risk by enforcing non-conformance SOPs.

Companies can react immediately to alarms and process exceptions with corrective action and management. This use case allows companies to automatically respond to production problems and events, monitoring alarms and out-of-spec conditions from multiple systems. Users can send tasks to people or systems to correct problems in real-time and escalate as needed.

Companies can minimise nuisance alarms and ensure proper action on critical alarms. Additionally, users can track QA data in real-time and automatically adjust work processes to conform to specs. Companies can take corrective action on an event-triggered basis, adjusting processes on an as-needed basis only. Furthermore, they can record exceptions and corrective actions for compliance audits and continuous improvement of processes. The Proficy Workflow process management software system can decrease costs by reducing waste and labour, downtime through faster response, and risk through automatic remediation or escalation.

Troubleshooting Trees walk teams through production problems to determine root cause and solution, therefore increasing uptime as well as compliance. This use case involves repair of equipment as well as in-process product and materials. In addition, companies can capture the knowledge base of workers, reducing effects of attrition on the plant.

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