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Proficy v2.5 real-time information portal

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GE Fanuc Automation has released the Proficy v2.5 real-time information portal providing a web-based solution that integrates online and process-based systems with plant-wide connectivity, analysis and visualisation components.

By applying sophisticated trending, graphical presentation and statistical analysis to online data, Proficy real-time information portal provides unique facility-wide views and insight into how a plant is operating and how to improve it.

This revolutionary application offers a common web client and reporting environment for a fully integrated solution that maximises the value of GE Fanuc software applications, as well as data and content from other automation solution suppliers and legacy business systems.

The Proficy real-time information portal includes performance enhancements, plant database connector, web controls, drill down analysis and a number of additional key features that will allow users to get more value out of both new and existing installations.

Features include:

* Performance enhancements - improved operating performance for the Proficy portal application and for loading displays by 10X

* Proficy plant applications integration - retrieve data from GE Fanuc’s plant applications plant database (requires version 4.2) with the plant database connector and connect to a plant applications web server to import web reports or web parts into Proficy portal as web sources, which enable the user to create an integrated data analysis and viewing environment via a simple to use wizard

* Web controls and web sources - embed web pages or PDF reports in Proficy Portal displays and dynamically replace values in web addresses when they are loaded

* Drag and drop of Internet Explorer shortcuts - Internet Explorer shortcuts can be used to insert hyperlinks, web controls and web links. Drag and drop from the Favorites menu, Address box, or Internet Explorer web site

* Support for drill-down analysis - select items in one display and ‘drill down’ by having the values passed into other displays

* Expressions - Use any combination of data sources, numeric constants, math functions and math operations in objects such as grids or charts

* Natural printing - URL line parameters can be used to print displays and printing can be automated so a report is printed on a regular schedule

* Security/authentication features - support for single sign-on, secure connections (using SSL) and role domain/group synchronisation.

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