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Proficy Workflow for food & beverage / consumer packaged goods manufacturers

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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms , a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced that Proficy Workflow for Food & Beverage / Consumer Packaged Goods is now available. By leveraging Electronic Work Instructions and Exception Management, this innovative software solution helps Food & Beverage / CPG manufacturers reduce the variation in performance, cost and quality – for more consistent work processes and better brand protection.

“The Proficy Workflow product provides a capability to connect multiple systems beyond basic technical integrations. This means harmonizing not just information and product specifications required for HACCP, but also the multiple methods and procedures that enforce food safety beyond production at the product supply network level,” according to Simon Jacobson, AMR Research, in “GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Ready for Food Safety.” 

As a Work Process Management software system, Proficy Workflow enables power users and domain experts to digitize manual and automated processes with one tool – capturing process, traceability and quality data across systems to reduce errors, waste and delays. Users can manage by exception, orchestrate production and achieve event-based, data-driven results.  Food & Beverage / CPG manufacturers can also track both manual and automated processes in real time, capturing data and creating a critical infrastructure for taking immediate corrective action. 

“Every Food & Beverage / CPG manufacturing environment contains a mix of automated and manual interactions between equipment and personnel,” said Greg Millinger, Product General Manager, Workflow / SOA for GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “These production processes may not be fully documented and can include extra steps and resources.  Therefore, they are difficult to track and trace – and difficult to adapt to changing business needs. Proficy Workflow helps make every operator an expert, improving production and manufacturing agility by connecting the equipment, people and systems across the plant and through the enterprise and supply chain.” 

Additionally, when detailed HACCP procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) s are in place, it can be difficult to monitor compliance with them. New operators may not follow SOPs properly – or systems may not be in place that record both automated and manual data. For example, a HACCP procedure may require an operator to verify an oven temperature or, in another case, regulate oven chain speed if an internal food temperature is not high enough, but the records of the actions may be incomplete.  With Proficy Workflow, operators are guided through the proper procedures, and their actions are recorded. The system steps operators through immediate Corrective Action when production problems arise.

In the event of a recall, Proficy Workflow for Food & Beverage / CPG enables the availability of historic production data on batches/lots, equipment set up, validated calibrations, operators and more. Furthermore, companies can minimize the impact of a recall and also the opportunities for having a recall in the first place by improving production processes.

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