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Proficy Software Platform Named GE ecomagination Product

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GE Intelligent Platforms  announces that its industry-leading software platform, Proficy has been named an ecomagination product by parent company, GE.  

ecomagination is GE’s corporate-wide commitment to help customers meet their environmental and operational challenges.  

The ecomagination program, which now has 98 approved products in the portfolio, is based on GE’s belief that solving environmental problems is good business around the world.  

ecomagination is GE's business strategy to address global energy issues through technology and innovation. Through ecomagination, GE is driving a global energy transformation with a focus on innovation and R&D investment to accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy technology.  

The Proficy software platform is used worldwide for industrial and commercial applications to provide deep insight into process/asset performance and identify ways to reduce costs and take corrective actions, enabling companies to increase productivity and efficiency, optimise production as well as decrease energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.  

Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of GE Intelligent Platforms says the ecomagination designation is an affirmation of their commitment to providing products that meet both the ecomagination environmental performance standards as well as the business needs of customers around the world.  

She adds GE is delivering innovative products that help customers gain a sustainable competitive advantage in both operating performance and environmental performance.   

To earn ecomagination approval, Proficy was evaluated for its ability to significantly and measurably improve customers’ environmental and operating performance. The rigorous, multi-tiered review process concluded with a third-party audit to ensure accuracy and thorough documentation of technological performance.  

ecomagination products are re-qualified regularly to help ensure that claims remain accurate.   The Proficy software platform is ecomagination-approved for improving overall process efficiency as well as reducing waste, defects and energy usage.  

Proficy Software’s integrated capability to collect, organise, analyse and drive work processes around massive volumes of real-time data provides companies with a sustainable competitive advantage into the future.  

Customer proof points include:  

US wine bottler:

  • Saved $5 million annually through improved quality
  • Increased production by 5 percent, reduced defects by 25 percent and reduced plant downtime by 25 percent
  • Significantly lowered energy needs to run the glass furnaces, decreasing emissions by 80 percent

Producer of cooling lubricants in Switzerland:

  • Realised up to 45% reduction in energy costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

US manufacturer in the steel industry:

  • Reduced scrap by more than 1,000 tons per year
  • Improved machine uptime by approximately 1%

Water treatment plant in Italy:

  • Realised a 28% energy efficiency improvement
  • Significantly enhanced its water improvement process

Polish brewing company:

  • Decreased the total number of mechanical and electrical downtime events by 39%
  • Increased the availability of resources

The Proficy software platform can improve overall process efficiency by approximately 3% to 15%, and can reduce waste and defects in manufacturing and infrastructure applications by approximately 1% to 10% on average.  

In addition, Proficy can significantly reduce the average energy usage associated with operations.

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