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article image Efficiency, quality, production and batch analysis software application.

GE Fanuc Automation has released Proficy Plant Applications Version 4.1, a new version of the company's efficiency, quality, production and batch analysis software application. It allows managers across process, discrete and hybrid industries to gain clear insight into their operations to more efficiently manage.

It reduces overall implementation time with improved ease of use and configuration, enhanced reporting, improved connectivity and extensibility and more expansive scheduling execution and production tracking. It has analysis and drilldown improvements, making it even easier to determine production variation. The enhanced security, auditing, 21CFR Part 11 and e-Signature features allow users to have more secure, auditable operations by identifying changes and access to the system.

It supports GE Fanuc's open and layered software framework, communicating with GE Fanuc systems as well as other applications to enable faster ROI. The capabilities of Proficy Plant Applications range from integrated quality management and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to production tracking and recipe management.

It offers a unified, easy-to-configure plant model and notification service that enables users to define how their products are manufactured based on their actual plant layout, product specifications and product routing instructions. Plant Applications automatically generates configurable, intelligent key performance indicators and alarms so that managers can monitor performance and receive notification when exceptions occur. Managers can then make real time changes to their operations to improve performance.

Enhanced reporting helps users accelerate quality improvements, reduce implementation time and simplify reporting initiatives. Enhancements include several new standard reports, improved reusable and publishable Excel reports with a web publish wizard.

Analysis and drilldown can increase quality and consistency of end products as well as increase overall operational productivity by helping users analyse the right information at the right time. Several advanced analytical web pages, web parts and web applications are provided for analysing and drilling down through data to identify problem areas in order to make improvements. Analytical capabilities include variability conformance, event analysis, unit time accounting, alarm detail and batch analysis. These allow users to improve quality and consistency of products by comparing production events and by comparing and analysing data by shift, machine and other configurable elements. Batch analysis allows production run inconsistencies to be identified through overlay and time synchronisation, so users can determine the cause of variation and take the appropriate corrective action.

Improved connectivity and extensibility can reduce costs and complexities associated with the integration of and connection to legacy systems and sources. This new version features expanded connectivity options to additional systems and sources, including OPC, Generic SQL, InSQL, and others. OPC Support and an advanced SDK allow end users and systems integrators to extend the core Plant Applications offering.

Enhanced security, auditing, 21 CFR Part 11 and e-signatures help users avoid costly product recalls and fines and adhere to new regulatory requirements. Support for electronic signatures, complete system audit trails and many other security capabilities allow users in regulated and non-regulated industries to have secure audited operations.

Expansive schedule execution and production tracking simplify implementation time and expand overall genealogical, scheduling and execution capabilities. Proficy Plant Applications 4.1 adds more comprehensive product definitions to support complex bills of materials. This new version also simplifies automated configuration for complex genealogical applications as well as standard reports and metrics made available through the reporting and analytical capabilities.

Enhanced Ease of use and configuration save time and money by quickly and easily getting the right information in to the hands of those who need it. With simplified and streamlined configuration for client and server applications, this new version makes creating reports, analysing data and setting up the Plant Applications system easier.

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