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New Proficy Machine Edition from GE Simplifies Programming and Speeds Time to Solution

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New Proficy Machine Edition tools from GE Intelligent Platforms are designed for ease-of-use and quicker time-to-solution for the entire project lifecycle.  

Proficy Machine Edition 6.5, a universal software development environment for HMI, motion and control applications that share a single workspace and tool set improves engineering efficiency and process analysis by integrating an efficient, user-friendly structure with standardised user interface.

The Proficy Machine Edition software solution improves the overall engineering efficiency of application development and provides users with a sustainable advantage for their business.

Key features of Proficy Machine Edition 6.5

  • Imports and exports control logic in XML
  • Allows users to maintain control strategies in standardised XML format and selectively import logic blocks to create a complete automation project
  • Allows Machine Edition to interface with external programming and design tools that are capable of generating control codes in XML
  • Users can choose to design their system using a third-party development tool and import the generated XML logic into Machine Edition
  • Local historical trending tool facility on the QuickPanel for quick diagnostics and trouble-shooting
  • Enhanced web publishing capabilities and remote connectivity
  • User-friendly tool for updating project files on remote QuickPanels
  • Data Logger window tool on the PC platform for quick trending analysis and troubleshooting
  • Optimisation of controller communications to improve the overall performance

Kam Yuen, GE Intelligent Platforms’ Product Manager for Proficy Machine Edition says that Proficy Machine Edition 6.5 enhances program re-usability, simplifies application development and reduces solution time-to-market.

He adds that these capabilities are particularly beneficial for OEM customers that produce similar machines or skids in high quantity.

Hanuman Gadepalli, GE Intelligent Platforms’ Product Manager for Operator Interfaces says that Proficy Machine Edition 6.5 will enable operator interface applications with better equipped diagnostics and troubleshooting tools, reducing downtime and improving production efficiency.

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