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GE Fanuc Automation has released the PACSystems DSM314 motion controller. It expands machine options and increases machine builder flexibility for a range of motion applications.

The system has a selection of I/O and connectivity options to help OEMs optimise their motion control system for flexible end-user applications. It can dramatically improve machine cycle rate and yield compared to mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or stepper solutions.

Changeover time between product runs can be reduced from hours to minutes. The separate load-mounted position feedback option minimises positioning errors due to machine compliance slip and gearing backlash.

It can control up to four axes and is capable of solving complex single and multiaxis motion control applications in combination with GE Fanuc's PACSystems RX3i programmable automation controller (PAC) and 90-30 programmable logic controller (PLC). The motion module can control up to four analogue servos or two FANUC digital servos plus one analogue servo, providing the machine builder with options and flexible control architecture.

The system has built-in diagnostics which can boost maintenance utility. Absolute feedback on the FANUC servos eliminates the need to find a home position at each start up or when a machine recovers from a power loss.

The motion controller supports a broad servo power and size range, incremental or absolute feedback and the scalable I/O and communication flexibility of a PLC-based control system. Users can install it in a centralised or distributed architecture without needing to learn or support multiple motion solutions. Multiple DSM modules may be installed in a single system to provide multiple axes of motion in a single application.

The motion controller supports high-speed local logic, which allows the device to perform limited logical decisions and mathematics synchronous to the position loop update rate. Local logic also supports high-speed digital output control synchronous to axis motion.

It also includes electronic CAM functionality. An electronic CAM is analogous to a mechanical CAM but will never wear out mechanically. Electronic CAMs are used in the machine industry to perform complex movements that require tight coordination between each axis. In the PACSystems DSM314, the CAM profile can follow a master encoder mounted on the machine, another controlled axis or a time-based master source within the same controller module. This minimises manual adjustments and simplifies the engineering effort to design the machine. Some examples of applications that can benefit from CAM profiling are rotary cutoff, flying shear, profiled container filling, and material handling.

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