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GE Fanuc Automation has launched the new Cimplicity Station - a compact, panel-mounted industrial computer that provides the advanced computing architecture needed for the most complex control applications.

Bundled with Cimplicity Machine Edition or Plant Edition software, Cimplicity Station is suitable for use as an operator panel in an embedded HMI system or as a secure platform for PC-based machine control and HMI.

The system provides the foundation for a scaleable infrastructure extending from the factory floor to the business enterprise.

Powered by an Intel Celeron or Pentium III processor, Cimplicity Station features all important interfaces for factory monitoring and control applications, including an integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, a USB adapter, and ISA and PCI slots for fieldbus, measurement, or other extension boards.

Cimplicity Stations are available in two configurations: Standard Series, a 633MHz, 128MB RAM system with CD ROM, and Performance Series, a 933MHz, 256MB RAM system with read/write CD ROM.

Users can choose from 12.1," 15," or 18" TFT displays, depending on space and expansion slot requirements.

Unlike traditional flat panel PCs with touchscreens, Cimplicity Station does not require the use of a keyboard and mouse to enter changes.

Five built-in systems access keys, including one that opens and closes a virtual keyboard, enable users to implement and maintain the system without the use of awkward peripheral devices.

And, through built-in system variables, application designers can control many of these function keys as well as LEDS on the front of the display, functionality that is commonly found only in more expensive flat panel PCs.

With its NEMA 4 sealed front panels, Cimplicity Station computers meet stringent specifications for industrially hardened equipment, including extended temperature, shock, and vibration requirements such as UL Hazardous Location requirements.

Highly integrated components, combined with slot CPUs and passive backplanes, keep internal connectors, cables, and adapters to a minimum, providing additional ruggedness and reliability in harsh plant floor environments.

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