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HMI/SCADA manufacturing software upgrade

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GE Fanuc Automation has announced the release of iFIX 3.5 software for manufacturers, with new project management, data accessibility and security features.

Through this new functionality, manufacturers can reduce development time, improve enterprise connectivity and gain greater overall control of their production processes.

"As plant floor systems become increasingly pervasive, there has been a greater focus on streamlining HMI/SCADA application development, enhancing application management and security capabilities, and increasing access to information... especially from thin clients, mobile devices and the Web," GE Fanuc Automation marketing manager Sebastian Seow said.

"With iFIX 3.5, we're enabling systems integrators and end-users alike to take their capabilities one step further in each of these areas."

With companies implementing multiple automation solutions in each plant environment, today's intricate manufacturing operations often require users to manage numerous and vastly different applications.

With iFIX 3.5, users can develop, manage and alternate between multiple HMI/SCADA applications and projects from a single development station.

As a result, corporations and system integrators can greatly increase the agility, productivity and effectiveness of their development personnel.

Installing an application - and ensuring that application will remain intact over time - is critical to troubleshooting, support and security activities.

To ensure application integrity, iFIX 3.5 comes complete with an Application Validator Utility - a software tool designed to automatically document any changes made to system files or utilities (iFIX or otherwise).

This reduces the likelihood that installations can inadvertently or intentionally be compromised and enhances the safety, security and integrity of production processes.

Improving the ability to share plant-floor information throughout the enterprise, iFIX 3.5's powerful graphic capabilities and enhanced performance make it an ideal solution for use with Microsoft Terminal Services or CITRIX enterprise access services.

iFIX 3.5 features a new startup profile manager for both user and application management, further simplifying the maintenance and administration of remote users.

With the profile manager, authorised users and system administrators can even associate specific system functionality - as well as add, delete and maintain users - all via a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Sharing data between SCADA and other plant floor applications is also made easier using the iFIX integration toolkit.

The toolkit delivers iFIX Database access and development, as well as historical data access, and it now includes a .NET adapter to integrate completely with Visual Studio .NET.

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