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GE enables real-time control, simple interoperability and high performance for control systems with distributed I/O needs

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GE Intelligent Platforms  has launched PACSystems with integrated real-time PROFINET, a global open protocol over standard Ethernet.  

Combining open standards into a solution to create significant value in reliability, connectivity and performance, PACSystems with PROFINET provides flexible deployment that minimises hardware and configuration issues, improves application uptime with minimal cost and satisfies user demand for high performance, distributed systems.  

PACSystems with PROFINET is made for businesses moving from centralised control systems to Ethernet based distributed structures. A high speed network with the ability to drop large amounts of I/O without compromising performance, PACSystems with PROFINET can operate in high-noise areas and cover large distances in real time with an elegant redundancy capability to maximise uptime.  

According to Bernie Anger, Vice President, Control & Communication Systems for GE Intelligent Platforms, modern companies value solutions that control critical infrastructure and manufacturing operations at high performance levels. The new PACSystems with PROFINET helps GE customers increase production uptime, enhance asset performance and improve reliability.  

Connie Chick, Global Product General Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms’ Controls comments that the automation industry has been working for a long time to provide real-time control over standard Ethernet for performance and infrastructure simplification.  

The connected devices must be made to act and look like local IO to obtain vast adoption of Ethernet as a control network. This is achieved by taking out the network complexity for setup, making it incredibly easy to use everywhere without compromising performance.  

Chick says that PACSystems with PROFINET sets a new standard for integration of open systems, providing the user clear benefits now and easier migration to new technology in the future. GE’s goal is to make customers more productive instantly by simplifying and eliminating unnecessary work.

Utilising PROFINET combined with PACSystems, GE is providing all the benefits of an Ethernet system without the complexity.  

Key benefits include:

  • Name-based configuration enables solutions in just minutes
  • Built-in switches with a choice of copper or fibre cable types for direct connection eliminates the need for extra hardware for connectivity, allowing long distances between I/O nodes
  • Adoption of MRP (media redundancy protocol) in a ring topology allows customers to take nodes offline for maintenance without ever shutting the application
  • System redirects traffic in as low as one millisecond without disrupting I/O in the event of a wire cut
  • High availability offering with PROFINET extensions adding significantly to this capability 

According to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group, PACSystems with integrated PROFINET provides a plug-n-play solution to deploy real-time industrial Ethernet-based communications at all levels of the manufacturing enterprise, utilising TCP/IP along with open IT standards.

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