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GE Intelligent Platforms offers new management solution software, Proficy Workflow Version 1.2

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GE Intelligent Platforms , a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, has announced the newest version of its work process management solution Proficy Workflow, version 1.2. The new software allows operations experts to create and modify work processes quickly and easily without requiring support or resources from IT.  With the power of work process management, companies can digitize and streamline production – from Electronic Work Instructions for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and corrective action to HACCP monitoring and compliance tracking.

“The new features in Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 are one more step in empowering production teams with the ability to directly create, modify and track work processes,” said Greg Millinger, Product General Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Because production experts can manage work processes as needed, response times to operational issues are much faster.  Production work processes become more agile and consistent – without consuming IT resources.”

“Drag and Drop” Electronic Work Processes

A major new Form Designer in Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 eliminates coding for display screens and forms. Now, production teams drag and drop in an easy-to-use graphical WYSIWYG environment to build forms and displays for manual data entry and automated entry, from barcode readers and other devices.  Furthermore, the new displays can also be an actionable part of other applications on the Proficy SOA platform.  GE and third-party software can connect to the Proficy SOA platform through service providers. Users, including operators, can share data and displays across applications without having to switch from one application to another.

The new Form Designer in Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 also supports development of work process templates, which can be published into a library for reuse as displays and forms throughout a plant or company.  By creating standard work process templates, companies can save time in deployment and reduce risk while sharing best  practices globally.

Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 includes an ActiveX Task List that can be used within any ActiveX container. Operators can now follow step-by-step instructions within their usual day-to-day software such as a HMI, integrating their work instructions for ease of use. This feature enhances the value of a user’s existing systems by adding the power of Electronic Work Instructions to an installed application that an operator is already familiar and comfortable with.

In addition, the new version features a Dynamic Task List (My Task List), so the production expert can control what the operator sees during the execution of the workflow.  The Task List has multiple panes, which can be hidden, expanded, etc.  With the Dynamic Task List, companies can give focus to certain work instructions in the display to help guide the operator.  Once again, this is done by the author of the workflow, which can be a production domain expert without IT technical skills.

Lastly, Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 offers one-click deployment.  If the user is in the plant and wants to run Proficy Workflow from a specific computer, he/she can go to a  URL and, through a web browser, automatically install the Workflow Task List on that computer.  The system will automatically maintain the most current version– so there is no additional administration.

This feature speeds installation and deployment, making it easy to add users, and reduces system administration and maintenance.

“As a Work Process Management software system, Proficy Workflow enables power users and domain experts to digitize manual and automated processes with one tool,” said Millinger. “The new features of Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 further enhance the already breakthrough capabilities of the product, allowing users to easily capture process, traceability and quality data across systems to reduce errors, waste and delays.”

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