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GE Fanuc announces new vision and structure

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GE Fanuc Automation , a unit of GE Infrastructure, has announced a new organisational vision and structure – which closely aligns the company’s strategies and solutions with the needs of the industrial community – to help manufacturers improve their competitive advantage through greater productivity, regulatory compliance and reduced overall operational costs.

GE Fanuc announced the new company structure and strategies at the GE Fanuc Discover Series Users Conference, in New Orleans, last week.

Based on independent research and GE Six Sigma studies into manufacturing challenges, GE Fanuc developed this new structure to help companies accelerate the rate of return on capital investments through innovative and open automation solutions.

The new structure seeks to:

* Help automation users improve business performance on three different levels: products, processes and business expansion;

* Build automation solutions on award-winning open and layered platforms; and

* Utilise technical expertise and domain experience to ensure “Value Delivered” equals or exceeds “Value Promised.”

“To creatively, consistently and flexibly solve our customers’ toughest challenges, we embarked on a transformation of GE Fanuc and our product portfolio,” said Jeff Garwood, president and CEO for GE Fanuc Automation.

“This multi-year endeavor included acquisitions, organisational adjustments, product directional planning, internal and independent research, and strategic assessment. As a result, our global team is committed to continuously aligning GE Fanuc with changing business needs and bringing success to customers on a daily basis.”

Improving Business Performance

To improve automation users’ business performance with regard to products, processes and business expansion, GE Fanuc combines GE’s manufacturing domain expertise and Six Sigma methodologies with the latest enabling technologies.

In the area of improving business performance through products, examples include meeting varying OEM requirements for both off-the-shelf and custom innovation, providing rapid response for lower downtime, and supporting open technology roadmaps.

To boost business performance through processes, GE Fanuc, for example, helps automation users optimise production processes, leverage existing assets, improve and track quality, and improve regulatory compliance.

Lastly, GE Fanuc automation solutions can provide a platform for expansion by enabling new business models, offering remote monitoring that eliminates traditional geographic boundaries, and leveraging agile operations.

“Research indicates that the most difficult challenges facing manufacturers today are only beginning to be addressed, and as one of the largest manufacturers, GE understands the need to improve productivity through innovation and expert processes,” Garwood noted.

“A very clear outcome of the research – optimizing existing production operations and standardizing plant IT systems with truly open solutions are both paramount considerations to improving performance.”

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