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Ethernet network interface unit

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article image Enables users to connect 90-30 I/O over Ethernet to a master controller through a single connection point.

GE Fanuc Automation has added an Ethernet network interface unit (ENIU) to its 90-30 programmable logic controller series. The communications module enables users to connect 90-30 I/O over Ethernet to a master controller through a single connection point. This saves configuration time and reduces overall components, decreasing costs.

Users can connect the programmer anywhere on the I/O network and monitor, configure, and troubleshoot any ENIU or the master controller, reducing downtime and machine commissioning. GE Fanuc's Proficy Machine Edition software allows easy implementation of the ENIU.

The ENIU has a built-in Ethernet switch with two (one IP address) 10/100Mbit ports (RJ-45), allowing the user to daisy chain to the next ENIU without the need for expensive external switches. It can be expanded with up to seven local I/O expansion bases with a total of 70 I/O modules per drop. A range of discrete and analogue I/O modules is available, accommodating a variety of applications. For quick startup, installation requires only standard Ethernet components without the need for specialty connectors or external devices. The module allows up to 2048 discrete inputs, 2048 discrete outputs, 1264 analogue inputs and 632 analogue outputs per drop.

The ENIU provides redundancy as a standard feature. It includes hold last state or default state functionality to protect the system if communication is lost from the controller. When an application uses two controllers, it can detect a failed controller and automatically switch to the backup.

It is suitable for applications requiring remote, high-density I/O per drop over a high-speed network. Typical applications include material handling, process control, packaging and assembly machines where control I/O is dense per drop, decentralised and requires high data transfer speed. The additional advantages of compatibility with standard off-the-shelf Ethernet components and a built-in switch further reduce the cost of implementation.

To meet specific application needs, the ENIU network is compatible with any combination of GE Fanuc Ethernet remote I/O, including VersaMax and VersaPoint. It is also compatible with master controllers that support Ethernet Global Data such as the PACSystems RX7i and RX3i for 90-30 CPU364 and CPU374, 90-70, PC Control and industrial PCs.

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