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Biometric Interface for Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX

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GE Fanuc Automation has added significant biometric capabilities to its Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX 4.0 to enhance the safe and compliant operation of pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing processes.

The use of biometrics to augment password collection is the latest technology to enhance security and improve operator productivity.

Biometrics, the ability to use a physical property of the operator such as a fingerprint or iris scan, can greatly reduce operator fatigue and response time.

GE Fanuc now offers users a choice between a standard interface to biometric software or developer tools enabling an interface to virtually any other authentication technology.

The standard interface supports Saflink SAFsolution Enterprise Edition security software.

SAFsolution manages all Biometric Signatures and Biometric Devices and integrates with Microsoft Windows Security.

The enhanced iFIX functionality senses when a password is required and interfaces with SAFsolution for Biometric Authentication and password fulfillment.

The use of electronic signatures to validate operator activities and create audit trails has been very valuable in improving the consistency and reliability of manufacturing operations.

With the introduction of strong passwords, the requirement for passwords with defined minimum lengths and combinations of letters and numbers to enhance security comes an extra burden on the operator for authentication and audit trailing. Biometrics removes the burden.

The Biometric Tools for Developers was available with the December release of iFIX 4.0 and is delivered on the iFIX 4.0 Integration Toolkit.

The Biometric interface for Saflink SAFsolution is available through GE Fanuc Support and Developer Downloads and will be available free of charge to GE Fanuc GlobalCare customers.

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