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Various power generation technologies from GE Energy Optimization & Control

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GE Energy Optimization & Control  offers various technologies for oil, gas, fossil, nuclear, hydro, solar and wind applications in order to achieve reliable and efficient power. Ceramic matrix composites provided by GE Energy Optimization & Control are ideal for applications involving aircraft engines, landbased turbine engines, rocket motors, aerospace hot structures and industrial applications.

Heavy duty gas turbines and combined cycle systems offer pure power generation and heating which ranges from 26 megawatts upto 480 megawatts. GE Energy Optimization & Control provides various control solutions such as turbine control for controlling heavy duty gas turbines, aero derivative engines, generator controllers like generator protection panels and hydro control in order to control turbines.

Electrical test equipment supplied by GE Energy Optimization & Control consist of measuring instruments for electrical power applications. Steam turbines manufactured by GE Energy Optimization & Control is reliable, efficient and easy to maintain, while providing a cost effective way of electricity production.

GE Energy Optimization & Control has designed 'Sensors and Transducers' which is installed on the machines in order to make appropriate measurements such as vibration , position, speed, pressure, power and many others. These sensors are able to withstand any sort of rigor and could be installed even in hazardous areas.

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