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Efficient energy and power supply from GE energy optimization & control

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GE Energy Optimization & Control  supplies power generation and energy delivery technologies providing a support for traditionally fueled plants and plants driven by renewable sources like wind, solar and biogas. It caters to the needs of the customers by providing cleaner, reliable and efficient energy.

Variety of products for the energy industry are being supplied by GE Energy Optimization & Control including capacitors, gas engines, ducts, generators, and solar electric power systems. Capacitors can be used to stabilise voltage in conditions of rapid decline. It is also used in industries having low power factor and to regulate wind farms.

GE Energy Optimization & Control manufactures gas engines for generating power which is efficient, reliable and cost effective. Bus duct products are available in varied designs such as isolated phase Mini flux bus ducts, small mini phase ducts. GE Energy Optimization & Control also supplies auxillary equipments like generator terminal enclosures, telescopic disconnect switches. Generators which are driven by steam, heavy duty gas or aeroderivative gas turbines can be installed easily.

GE Energy Optimization & Control offers solar electric power systems which are reliable and of good quality. Solar power is provided without causing noise pollution and air emissions. Transformers offer the best level of energy supply. GE Energy Optimization & Control provides renewable energy using wind turbines which is also cost effective.

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