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Generator protection products from GE Digital Energy

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GE Digital Energy  is a division of the world renowned General Electric Company. GE Digital Energy provides products and solutions that protect and optimise the functioning of critical assets like transmission lines, generators and motors. GE Digital Energy provides cutting edge solutions that help customers get the best out of their equipment and solve their unique problems as well.

The Multilin line of power system protection and management solutions help protect valuable equipment that ensures dependable and safe power. Multilin products and services offer a broad range of innovative solutions for managing power system assets this enables the clients who use the products to gain significant cost reductions without compromising the performance of the systems.

A range of generator protection products are available from GE Digital Energy, the G60 Generator Protection System, G30 Generator Protection System, MIG II Generator Protection System, MIG Digital Machine Protection System, the 489 Generator Protection System, G650 Generator Protection and Control System, W650 Wind Generator Protection System, DGP Digital Generator Protection, LPS-O Generator Backup and the MGC Digital Generator Protection Relay are generator protection solutions from GE Digital Energy.

EnerVista is a suite of software tools designed to work with GE Multilin devices. The suite features tools that streamline processes like creating, validating settings files, integrating, monitoring and controlling Multilin devices. The suite consists of Launchpad, Aggregator, Integrator and Viewpoint.

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