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Zeeman-effect atomic absorption spectrometers from GBC Scientific Equipment

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GBC Scientific Equipment  is a designer and manufacturer of a range of scientific instruments. These instruments are supplied worldwide, through its large distribution network spread over 85 countries. GBC Scientific Equipment has been the recipient of numerous awards since its inception. In 2003 GBC Scientific Equipment was awarded the Clunies Ross Award for Excellence in the application of science and technology.

Currently the range of AA spectrometers that GBC Scientific Equipment supplies include the Avanta series of AA spectrometers that offer fully automated multi-element capabilities. Also available is the SensAA with touch screen technology and the Avanta Ultra Z zeeman-effect graphite furnace AAS.

The Avanta Ultra Z from GBC Scientific Equipment combines the longitudinal Zeeman-effect with transverse heating of the graphite tube, programmable magnetic field strength and surface-mount technology to produce a quality graphite furnace atomic absorption instrument. The Avanta Ultra Z offers the maximum dynamic range and finest detection of any zeeman-effect atomic absorption spectrometer.

The Avanta AAS from GBC Scientific Equipment can be configured to exactly meet clients’ analytical and budgetary requirements. The instrument includes advanced features such as slit width and setting of the lamp current and automatic optimisation of wavelength.

The various accessories available for the AAS systems include System 3000, GF 3000 Graphite Furnace, PAL 3000 Furnace Autosampler, SDS-540 Sample Delivery System Hydride System and Mercury Concentrator, MC3000 Mercury Concentrator and Atom Trap.

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