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Michael Chappell represents GB Power Transmission external sales

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GB Power Transmission  have announced that Michael Chappell will commence representing the company in external sales from May 2009. Michael Chappell has been with GB Power Transmission for 3 years now in internal sales and customer service and gathered the basic product knowledge and experience required to represent GB Power Transmission’s quality power transmission products to the growing customer base.

Michael Chappell has inspected the recent order prior to delivery of the Hitachi Super 240-1 chain, destined for a heavy duty mining application where only the quality will do. Letting the customers know about the premium quality range of Hitachi Neo-SBR Japanese manufactured roller chain will be high on his agenda.

The Super 240-1 chain is an upgrade to the standard ANSI 240-1 roller chain. The Super series chain has additional features to increase fatigue strength and impact absorbing capacity. Typically they are used in high torque high shock load application such as drill rigs, slewing drives, mixers and propel drive chains. Hitachi used a straighter side plate design for increased tensile strength and through a hardened 4-way riveted pin.

Special alloys and strict quality assurance ensured that the Hitachi Chain products provided the same extended service life time after time. The super series is also available with a further upgrade to Super H with the side plate thickness increased to the next chain size up for optimum service life and performance.

Like all Hitachi roller chains, the Super series incorporates the SBR design unlike many other premium quality brands available on the market. In 1987, Hitachi introduced the SBR, Solid Bush design , Super 240-1 chain which became simple but important design improvement in roller chain since its invention in the 1950s.

Typically the bush is made from a piece of flat material rolled into a barrel shape and then installed into the chain. With side plates, loading the chain top and bottom the curled roller starts to open up and elongate as soon as load is applied. Not being suitably rounded to start with the curled roller also creates space for moisture to enter the chain and corrosion to commence prematurely and further accelerate the elongation process.

The SBR is manufactured from round bar precision machined to tolerance inside and out to ensure a fit into the side plate. The SBR’s simple design improvement increases chain service life over conventional design roller chain.

Hitachi further enhanced this design to protect the chains centre by a special double surface treatment of pin and bush known as Neo. The Neo-SBR series chain which is standard off the shelf from GB Power Transmission is a roller chain giving users maximum service life time after time.

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