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GB Series Industrial O-Ring Chain from GB Power Transmision

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GB Power Transmission  has announced the arrival of the GB Series Industrial O-Ring Chain now available from stock.

Traditionally used in the Motorcycle chain applications, customers are now realising the true benefits of the O-Ring chain design in industrial applications as they become more competitively priced against the benefits they provide.

O-Ring chain in both Motorcycle and Industrial Drive applications extend the service life of the chain by protecting the parts of the chain that need it most.

The O-Ring, located at the top and bottom of the roller act as a seal for the roller chain which keeps important elements in and other damaging external elements out.

Originally designed for the Motorcycle chain applications which experienced high speeds up to 9000rpm and beyond, engineers went for a narrow style roller chain which reduced friction and heat when meshing with the drive sprockets.

The chain was capable of transmission the torque and worked well within maximum allocable load ratings however the requirement for constant maintenance to maximise service life was apparent.

The key to maintenance was lubrication and due to centrifugal force keeping the lubricant in the parts that need it most was proving difficult.

The chain worked well in the application but service life was reduced and chain elongation a constant problem as the pin, bush and roller where not protected enough by lubrication.

Often referred to as the heart of the chain, the pin, bush and roller are components that transmit the power from the sprocket tooth to the load bearing side plates. It is this area where abrasives and corrosion attack the chain and commence the elongation process which is then accelerated by the load and high speed.

Engineers needed to protect this part of the chain by keeping lubrication in and foreign abrasives out. By placing a flexible seal at the top and bottom of the roller which moved and flexed with the chain under load they were able to keep the all important lubrication in and damaging foreign abrasives out.

The end result was a chain that offered preventative maintenance properties and protected the parts that needed the protection most. In the field, lubrication applied to the chain often did not penetrate the roller, bush and pin area and actually acted to attract other damaging air bourn abrasives.

While an O-ring chain still requires maintenance, its original construction ensures it created a barrier between the outside elements and the heart of the roller chain.

In recent years, attempts to improve chain to a zero maintenance status by introducing a sintered and oil impregnated bush have proven expensive and also reduced the chains load capabilities and power ratings causing customer to have to up size existing applications already installed.

The O-Ring chain design now available in the industrial chain sizes has become more competitively priced when balanced to the extended service life and reduced maintenance properties it offers.

The GB Series Industrial O ring chains are available in the Standard Transmission Chain sizes including American and European standards. Currently Stocked in ½” inch ASA 40 to 1” ASA 80 and ½” BS 08B to 1” BS 16B pitch sizes the range will expand along with customers demand.

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