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GB Power Transmission appointed Australian distributor for FB chain wear gauges

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GB Power Transmission  has been appointed as the Australia stocking distributor of FB chain wear gauges.

Widely used in the Thorough Examination of lifting equipment according to the LOLER and PUWER regulations, the FB professional chain wear gauge is a user-friendly tool for measuring chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chains, forklift chains and roller chains, enabling service technicians to spot potential chain failure long before the next service.

In contrast to conventional chain wear gauges, FB chain gauges are highly accurate devices that show chain elongation in increments of 0.25% on a scale range of 0% to 4% with a red warning box appearing at 2%.

The patented design of FB chain wear gauges incorporates a precise indication of percentage elongation on an easy-to-read scale to cover all leaf and roller chains up to 3" pitch. Calibration, referenced back to National Calibration Standards can be verified on the gauge itself utilising the calibration window.

FB chain gauges can be used across many industries and applications where the measurement of chain serviceability is critical to the reduction of downtime and the expense of potential breakdowns due to chain failure. In mobile plant equipment that works in remote areas such as drilling and construction machinery, the identification of worn chains before they arrive on site is vital for the profitability of the machine and the safety of its operators. 

According to Stephen Grattan, Managing Director of GB Power Transmission who has 23 years of experience supplying leaf and roller chains to the forklift industry in Australia, excessively worn chains in lift trucks can be lethal but no standard checks are applied by forklift repairers on mast chains, which are critical lifting components.

Conventional gauges that he has worked with have been difficult to use or unreliable at providing accurate readings. He found a better precision tool for monitoring chain wear in the FB chain gauge.

To celebrate the launch of the FB chain gauges in Australia, GB Power Transmission is giving away two limited edition GOLD gauges to their customers. Simply send an email to chaingauge@gbtrans.com.au before 30th of May 2012 for the lucky draw on the 1st of June 2012.

Key features and benefits of FB chain wear gauges: 

  • Allows service technicians to detect dangerous wear before the next service
  • Prevents equipment from being operated hazardously
  • Reduces downtime and the expense of potential breakdowns
  • Can be used on chains from 3/8” inch to 3” inch pitch covering almost 90% of transmission drive chains in operation
  • Supplied with a protective sleeve and full operating instructions

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