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Magnetic surveys, minerals exploration and sub-surface mapping done by G-tek Australia

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G-tek Australia  has more than 20 years experience in the processing of data from magnetic surveys in UXO-detection, minerals exploration and sub-surface mapping. G-tek Australia also has extensive experience in processing electromagnetic data for UXO-detection and discrimination. G-tek Australia offers data processing services for survey data including G-tek Australia’s surveys or other sources. G-tek Australia is also a specialist in the use of “ultra-high-definition” geophysics. For this, G-tek Australia utilises equipment designed to produce definitive results from ground-based surveys.

Additionally, G-tek Australia supports development of survey methodologies for explosive ordnance detection, minerals exploration, explosive ordnance removal and sub-surface mapping. G-tek Australia is known for sub-surface detection technologies and also received international awards in geophysics for minerals exploration and UXO detection. G-tek Australia has immense experience in software development and dispensing the huge volumes of data involved in geophysics.

Furthermore, G-tek Australia is acknowledged for the development of innovative methodologies like invention and patenting of the Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) methodology, development of digital magnetometry, development and patenting of a novel data inversion technique and more. G-tek Australia also has experience in mapping faults and Magnetic Intrusions in Gold bearing buried alluvial channels, in Coal seams, Rock hardness profiles for road building and more.

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