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Instruments designed for operator ergonomics from G-tek Australia

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G-tek Australia  was founded in January 2002 by the merging of operational arm of Geophysical Technologies Limited (GTL) and Explosives and Ammunition Technologies (EXAT). G-tek Australia is certified by United Nations (Operations) for UXO works in Timor Leste (East Timor). G-tek Australia has undertaken several mineral exploration projects for some of the world’s largest mining companies. G-tek Australia has been commercialising Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) technology through various mineral exploration contracts.

Additionally, G-tek Australia is a company that employs advanced ultra-high definition geophysical techniques to see under the surface of the earth to find out buried objects. This includes Underground utilities (such as pipes), archaeological artefacts, Unexploded military ordnance (UXO), geological structures for minerals exploration, environmental and industrial contamination and more. G-tek Australia claims to use innovative methodologies and advanced technologies along with skilled project management processes to offer reliable solution to sub-surface investigation.

Furthermore, G-tek Australia uses advanced detection equipment and patented technologies for providing better sub-surface investigation. G-tek Australia offers faster sub-surface investigation solution by using specialist equipment and instruments designed for productivity and operator ergonomics. G-tek Australia has been delivering unexploded ordnance and state of the art sub-surface investigation services for more than 30 years.

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