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Geophysical techniques used by G-tek Australia for geophysical surveying

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G-tek Australia  is a company that employs advanced ultra-high definition geophysical techniques to see under the surface of the earth to find out buried objects and for geophysical surveying. G-tek Australia has been delivering unexploded ordnance and state of the art sub-surface investigation services for more than 30 years. G-tek Australia has been commercialising Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) technology through various mineral exploration contracts. G-tek Australia is further enlightening the Sub-Audio Magnetics technology for use to Unexploded military ordnance (UXO) works with the support of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

The staff at G-tek Australia has more than 30 years of experience in geophysics, unexploded ordnance and environmental uses of technologies. G-tek Australia has been managing projects for complete range of government and commercial clients. The team at G-tek Australia includes ammunition technicians, geophysicists and field operators and supervisors.

Additionally, G-tek Australia utilises a variety of search equipment to fulfil exacting requirements. Some of the equipment employed by G-tek Australia is Electromagnetic Detectors, Analogue Gradient Magnetometers, EOD Marking and Destruction equipment, Field Setout and Survey Equipment and more. G-tek Australia owns a wide selection of Analogue Gradient Magnetometers like Foerster Ferrex 3.021, Foerster Ferrex 4.032, Shonstead, Vallon and more. G-tek Australia also owns a range of Minelab metal detectors like Minelab F3 detectors, Minlab F1A4 detectors, Minelab Excalibure Detectors and more.

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