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Stock products from G&Y Press and Die

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G&Y Press and Die  provides stock products other than bending, turret punching and plasma cutting devices. The stock products from G&Y Press and Die are manufactured and supplied in large amount. The stock products offered includes builder’s hardware, motor body and trailer components.

Some of the stock products supplied include van door hinges, mud guards, fencing products, U bolts, tipper tail gate kits, locking devices, straps and tie downs and drop tail gate hinges.

Drop side tail gate hinges from G&Y Press and Die are available in left and right hand assemblies and the holes are provided in ZP gudgeons. These drop side tail gate hinges are available in various ranges like GY 1133, GY 1131, GY 1190 and so on.

Locking devices from G&Y Press and Die are available in various models such as adjustable, tailgate, corner, over centre catches. The adjustable catches type of locking device comes in sizes GY 703L, GY 703, GY 703-41 and all these types of adjustment catches are available in small, large and medium forms.

G&Y Press and Die also offers fencing products including pipe caps made from galvabond materials. The pipe caps are available in rectangular and square forms and in various sizes. Other fencing products include post flanges and spear heads.

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